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This report and design guide was sponsored by Western States Clay Products Association and written by KPFF Consulting Engineers.

The work was coordinated through the Brick Veneer Subcommittee of the Technical Committee of Western States Clay Products Association.

The material presented in this publication including technical and engineering data, figures, drawings and tables are for general information only. It should not, under any circumstances, be relied upon for specific application of Brick Veneer over Steel Studs system without independent evaluation by a licensed design professional familiar with its specific use and application.

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NOTES FOR THE SELECTION, DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF REINFORCED HOLLOW CLAY MASONRY--The 2023 update of this publication shows the designer, contractor and user how to construct a building using reinforceable hollow clay units. The presentation is easy to understand and when followed will provide for an attractive and safe use.

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DESIGN GUIDE FOR STRUCTURAL BRICK VENEER--Structural brick veneer is an innovative system that describes hollow reinforced clay brick cladding. While the system is not new, design information has been a mystery, until now.

This publication describes the system in detail, explains design criteria for the materials and construction. Architects, engineers and contractors abreast of today's masonry veneer technology will find this book an indispensable reference tool.

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